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Consumer Advice

Consumer Advice

We offer advice on all aspects of Consumer Law in England & Wales. Find out more about your legal rights here.

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Employment Advice

Employment Advice

Our qualified and experienced solicitors can offer tailor made advice on all aspects of employment law.

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Business Advice & Training

Business Advice & Training

If you sell goods, provide a service, or have employees then you need to be aware of the law protecting your customers and employees.

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Welcome to J L Lezemore Solicitors

Joanne Lezemore is a dynamic, motivated and highly personable solicitor, with a wealth of experience in consumer law, employment law, civil disputes and broadcast media obtained during a progressive 18 year career.

Joanne is exceptionally well qualified and experienced, providing a unique and potent set of skills and expertise to both individuals and businesses by way of personal advice and interactive, fun and unique training sessions.

Joanne set up her own practice as she has a passion for consumer and employment law, and is committed to providing expert legal advice in way, and at a time, that suits her clients.

Joanne has recognised that the days of offering advice only by attending the firm’s office between the hours of 9-5 are becoming a thing of the past.  People need to be able to contact a lawyer outside of office hours, and to have the comfort of being able to obtain that advice from their own home.


Joanne worked for over 10 years with one of the country’s leading consumer organisations, being recognized internally and externally across broadcast media as the “Consumer Champion” and appearing on television and radio, both recorded and live – many radio shows were not only live, but also had phone-ins so the advice had to be accurate and immediate.  These include MoneyBox, Dont’t Get Done Get Dom, Regional radio and The Wright Stuff.

“The law is so simple, and yet so complicated and causes a great deal of confusion to individuals and businesses alike.  If individuals do not understand what their rights are, they may go without legal redress, or expect more than that to which they are entitled.

If  businesses get the law wrong as to their obligations it can be costly in both terms of time, money and reputation, and in today’s internet era, bad news travels fast.”

Our Solicitors cover Herts, Essex and areas beyond

You can choose how you would like to receive your legal advice from our solicitors, when you want it and how you access that advice. We offer services in person, in writing or by video conference – at a time most suitable to you. We offer a flexible and modern service outside traditional 9-5 hours meaning you can choose when and how to contact us. Please visit our contact page for more information.

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