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Commissioner of Oaths

A Commissioner for Oaths is an appointment automatically granted to certain legal professionals who are in practice in their respective profession or to some others because their position or role in the legal system.

The exact description of commissioner for Oaths in Oxford English is:

“A solicitor authorised to administer an oath to a person making affidavit.”

As solicitors and commissioners for oath, we can provide the following services:

Witness the signing of documents£5.00 per person, per document to be signed (subject to a £30.00 minimum fee)
Oaths/Affirmations / Statutory Declarations£5.00 per person signing, per document and £2.00 per exhibit page
Certified Documents£5.00 per page (subject to a £30.00 minimum fee)
ID1/Identity Forms£65.00
Irish Passport Verification£65.00

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